The Validus Way.

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The Keys to Tackling Large-Scale Staffing Problems.

Understand what makes Validus fully-equipped and prepared to provide mission-critical support to the staffing needs of government agencies, small and large.

A Robust Network.

Recruiting Prowess.

Validus manages an extensive network of recruiters, diverse in both national and regional reach. This allows for it to be able to deploy staffing needs with varying levels of classifications and localities. 

Validus also has proven success in assisting in staffing needs across many verticals, with experience across every major US healthcare system. 

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Recruiter Access

Nationwide Spread.

Many mission-critical solutions will require the ability to fill staffing needs across the country. Validus has a national presence able to service the entire United States and all US Territories.

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Personnel Supported

Augmented Operations.

Solutions for Scale.

With exclusive access to a best-in-class Managed Services Platform, Validus is able to effectively manage all workflows across a wide scale. This type of platform implementation, bolstered by Validus’ extensive utilization experience, ensures that from recruiting, onboarding, and all the way through compliance, optimized operations will be maintained. 

Leading AI/ML capabilities are further integrated into the management solution to provide prescriptive analysis and proactive insights to further support the success of the mission.

Thorough Vigilance.

Robust Management.

Proper experience is most apparent when inspecting the management and administration capabilities of a company. Validus has a record of success managing and administering multi-billion contracts throughout the Government. 

On top of protocol-solid plans and quality-assurance methods, Validus’ staff is well-experienced managing contracts of large size, while maintaining the necessary human touch to develop a successful partnership.