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Overwatch is a consulting and business development company that facilitates worldwide defense solutions.

Service dedicated to Home and Allies.

But what do we do?

We Identify

Opportunities often don’t present themselves as such. Through decades of experience in the defense industry, we have the ability to find unique opportunities and present them in front of the right clients.

Our due diligence process vetting all potential opportunities entails first-hand verification, and internal enhanced due diligence processes to ensure the validity and integrity of any potential opportunity.

We Vet

We Facilitate

We respect the subtle nuances of navigating through the specifics of each side of a transaction. Discretion and business acumen guide the process of putting the right parties together to facilitate a win-win for all parties. We do not artificially interfere. If the situation is a good fit, responsible parties will find the solution organically.

Alacrity is often critical to success but only when coupled with timing. Knowing when to measure twice and when to cut once often makes or breaks a deal. Once the decision is made, we move forward with a purpose.

We Proceed

Our Service Areas.

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More About Us.

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