The 90 Day MSB Launchpad.

The Big Picture.

Benefit from our Experience.

astrea brings years of first-hand experience to ensure that each client is supplied with the most streamlined and efficient path to market entry. As a consequence of our process, astrea provides not just recommendations, but actual hands-on assistance towards making your goal come to fruition. 


From MSB certification to full Compliance preparation, we provide you with the right foundation.


While finding the best in class service providers and financial institutions is important, creating the right mix of these to provide a seamless solution is the real key to success.

Goto Market

Industry-level insights and key strategies for success and avoiding the pitfalls that stifle many entrants into the NA market.

Ongoing Support

Support solutions that scale with your growth.

To get started, you have to get started.

Phase 1: MSB Establishment

It is not because of a lack of desire, but for a daunting set of hurdles that need to be overcome, that many emerging Fintechs fail to engage the North American market. 

astrea manages the whole certification process, and provides an even greater valued service by means of building out a full-scale compliance program to be ready day 1.

Most emerging Fintechs attempt to bootstrap a compliance program creation, and often suffer or even ultimately fail as a business later because of this shortcoming. 

At the core of our ethos is the belief that proper compliance yields below-the-radar long-term benefits for the client .



Reduction in
Personnel Costs

Over 25

Strategic Partners

Building the right ecosystem.

Phase 2: Partnerships

Emerging Fintechs are faced with the dizzying challenge of partnering with the right financial institutions and service providers to round out its North American operation.

Every one of our clients has specific and unique needs. As a consequence, astrea has pushed to have a diverse set of partners to introduce to our clients. 

Through our combined 30+years of experience, astrea provides a dynamic but synergistic group of partners.

Partners’ verticals cover investment, financial institution, compliance, operations, customer service and other tech gateways.

Real insight.

Phase 3: Go to Market

Most of our clients have existing marketing departments, and their own ideas on how to engage the North American market.

astrea brings critical data to help educate clients on the truly important decisions that need to made, and this process helps either reinforce or refocus the client’s current understandings.

Because of the vast land mass that is North America, astrea provides access to a trusted network of various localized creative and marketing agencies to ensure that every marketing dollar spent is done so efficiently, and more importantly, transparently.


Responsibly Managed
in Marketing Spend


Hours of
Support Delivered

Consistent support.

Phase 4: Ongoing Support

While some clients may bring a full scale team to North America, many will choose to initially run a lean operation to manage costs. astrea understands that need completely, and offers a full-suite of ongoing support services.

From multi-lingual customer service operations based in the United States, to compliance staffing, operations and beyond, astrea is poised to buttress the client’s needs in an efficient way.

Fully Modular Pricing.

No pre-packaged pricing with hidden costs. 

astrea provides a fully modular pricing model so that the client can efficiently manage the costs associated with a North American market deployment.

Some clients can take over a year to get fully operational in the United States.

astrea delivers all the above deliverables and market-ready capacity in 90 days.

Efficiency, Optimized.

0 +
Days to Launch
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Reduction in Cost.

The Bottom Line.

Peace of Mind.

Above all else, astrea remains one of the few consultancies in the space that has the experience of actually being in the client’s shoes. From raising capital, operations, compliance, customer service, to marketing, astrea’s core team has been on the frontlines fighting the fight our clients are experiencing.