Overwatch Verticals.

Ever-changing with the needs of our clients.

We adapt to the needs of our clients who are in urgent need of reliable and reputable provisions. Self-interest takes a backseat to the needs of those who protect our freedoms. 

Our Verticals

Advanced Robotics

Major Military End Items

Military Weapons and Munitions

Our Criteria: Innovative and Necessary.

Advanced Robotics.

Quadruped robotics represent the future of ensuring tactical success while preserving precious human life. We continually identify the most innovative and competent manufactures in this space and introduce them to interested entities.

Armored vehicle fleets ensure that our brothers and sisters in combat can move quickly and safely through the battlefields. 

We are always in a readiness or engagement state as a country, so procuring and providing options is always urgent.

Heavy hitting End Items.

Military Weapons and Munitions.

Some needs are more urgent than others. Our ability to fill those gaps with reputable vendors is critical to the safety of so many.