We Enable Execution.

A Business Development Facilitator Derived from a Single Guiding Principle:

Selfless Service.

But what do we do?

We Identify

Through decades of experience serving and protecting the interests of the United States, our collective leadership has earned the respect of both the public and private sectors as a trusted entity. As such, unique and innovative technology companies seek our help to facilitate interested parties in procurement.

Our due diligence process vetting all potential opportunities entails first-hand verification, and internal EDD processes to ensure the validity and integrity of any potential opportunity.

We Vet

We Facilitate

We don’t overstep our boundaries, we don’t step on toes. Our mandate is clear: put the right people in the room and don’t artificially interfere. If the situation is a good fit, responsible parties will find the solution organically. 

Time is of the essence, our frontline forces need all the support that we as a collective country can give them. This importance and urgency is never lost on us.

We Proceed

Our Service Areas.

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More About Us.

More about who we are and more importantly what we stand for.