Our experience infuses our precision performance.

Getting a Fintech operation established and running requires jumping over many hurdles both regulatory and operationally, and navigating through a daunting ocean of potential banking and service providers.

We will guide you through that process efficiently and expediently.

Our Mission

To eliminate the words Daunting Manual Expensive in the Fintech space.

At our Core:

Welcome to efficiency, supercharged.

We provide a full-stop solution for the modern Fintech by not only integrating AI and machine learning to conduct more accurate and predictive data screening, risk assessment, and decision making, but also providing the architectural expertise to properly leverage those technologies and to yield a more efficient and lean operation.

Automated Transaction Monitoring
Manual KYC Screening Decreasing
Compliance Personnel Reduction

About astrea.

What do we actually do?

Automated Case Analysis and Production

The first win is in identifying where manual redundancy is most prevalent. Automating case analysis frees up hours so you can focus on the processes and decisions that matter the most.

AI/ML Assisted Transaction Monitoring

AI/ML sound great, but only when it's implemented properly. Proper implementation relies on data integrity and dynamic rule sets. That's what we do famously.

Full Service Virtual Compliance Department

Imagine a compliance department run by merely a single individual, but with better and accuracy than before. Now connect with us to see it in real life.

About astrea.

What do we actually do?

MSB Establishment

We procure the necessary licenses and design a fully-compliant BSA/AML program to fit your needs. The time saved letting us conduct this phase is immense.


We establish the direct connection to either a chartered bank or MSB to gain you access to the US/CA finance system. We also provide the necessary additional services for your operation to be ready day 1.

Goto Market

Developing a high level of cultural competency is a critical success factor to engage this market. We don't give you just ideas or thoughts, but data-backed insights and preparation to captivate the attention of your target market.

Ongoing Support

From customer service to daily transaction monitoring, and everything in between, we are ready to provide you with the necessary services to be either be a crucial stop gap, or long-term services provider.

The Net Result.

Get to market faster and for less.

It sounds like a sales pitch, but when it’s actually true, it’s difficult to state the truth in any other way. 

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